Construction Debris Removal

Say Goodbye Debris

 Trying to work on a job site with construction debris in the way is cumbersome and often impairs productivity. Typically, contractors will order dumpsters and do all debris removal in house. However, certain situations like working in center city Philadelphia where dumpster delivery is difficult could leave you with little option. Our junk removal service is there whenever situations such as these arise. 

    When you use Junk Junction, we are prepared to clean up the mess as quickly as you make it without getting in the way. Whether it is junk removal, construction debris removal, or any other removal type, we are as professional as they come.


We Are Ready to Remove Construction Debris on Your Job


We come prepared with the right equipment, proper attire, and right insurance to be on any debris removal job. As a business, we know that time is money. We want to minimize the amount of time lost from troublesome debris.