Hoarding Specialist

We Dont Judge, We Service


 We recognize hoarding is a very real and serious issue and is more common than people are led to believe. At Junk Junction, we do not judge, we service. For our customers, it is important they do not feel judged. We've seen everything. Hoarding removal is just another junk removal just for our hoarding specialist. 

Hoarding Specialist Who Care


 Our junk removal services are more than just junk removal services. At Junk Junction, we fully appreciate what a delicate time it is for some customers to get rid of items they have attachment towards. We always make sure all parties are fully comfortable when we perform our services. We have special members who deal specifically with customers who need to be walked through the process. 

A Junk Removal Company That Is Ready For Anything


 In an infestation circumstance, we are fully equipped to go in without hesitation for any hoarding removal case. We strip and remove all unwanted items, regardless of what pests or rodents may be lurking around. We are well connected with pest control services as well if customers request it. 

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